First Question of Skin Consultation - “What is your skin type?”

Written By Cigdem Yilmaz - مارس 29 2014


مارس 30 2015

Tabinda it is very important to cleanse and moisturise in the morning and evening, even for oily skin types. This will avoid our skin loosing hydration and hence looking older than it is. If you are older than 25 years old, we recommend you check out our Beauty of Youth collection. With Love. CHIDEM Team

ديسمبر 13 2014

hello! my skin is combination skin type,and i dont use anything and started having crow feet at the corners of my eyes and dark circles too

نوفمبر 08 2014

I truly appreciate this blog post. Fantastic.

سبتمبر 02 2014

Hi Cigdem!

When I was very young I thought I had “a normal skin”… only because back then I didn’t know much about skin types. It wasn’t dry, it wasn’t oily so I decided it must have been normal.

Later on, during my time at uni, I started experimenting with a range of skin care products. After a while I just settled with Nivea as my standard, all-in-one moisturiser. A bit later, I started using a range of face wash products. After trying out a few products (without seeing much improvement in the natural condition of my skin) I decided that Garnier Pure 3-in-1 was the one for me. It had zinc and pumice stone in it, so it was doing a good job as a scrub. My skin was feeling “cleaner”, especially around the nose area.

Yet, I would still get blackheads and breakouts for no good reason. I had decided that maybe it was “hormonal” since I didn’t see any other reason for getting spots (after all, I was taking care of my skin).

It wasn’t until I switched to a much gentler face wash that I realised maybe I wasn’t doing it right, after all. I probably had the misconception, like many others, that “cleansing” your face meant rubbing an assortment of grains mixed with some chemicals on your face over and over again until your skin came off.

When I first started using this gentler product, I had my doubts… I mean, come on, it doesn’t even have a single grain of anything in it, it’s like liquid soap. How is it going to clean my face?… But after a while I noticed that I had less and less breakouts. For once, my skin was actually clear and free from spots!

Maybe I should have realised it sooner that the natural and gentle way is the most… natural way! I don’t know why all big cosmetics brands keep packing more chemicals than natural ingredients in their products if it’s possible to produce their products without them. I haven’t yet tried an all-natural product yet (it’s on my list!); but after being nicer to my skin and seeing positive results, I’m beginning to believe this is the way to go.

I do have a question though: I still get redness on and around my nose, as well as the top of my cheeks, and as far as I know I don’t have sensitive skin. That makes my skin tone look quite uneven and it has been the only ‘problem’ I never managed to resolve. Any ideas or recommendations??

… I should probably mention that I seem to have oily skin, after having moved to a never-ending summer zone with constantly high humidity levels…

Thanks :)

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